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I read something here once about drain volcanoes. What are they exactly, and are they safe to use on all drains?
unfuckyourhabitat unfuckyourhabitat Said:

Baking soda and

Pour some of each down the drain, watch it foam and froth and eat the gross stuff living in your pipes. Follow with a kettle full of boiling water. I’m not a plumber, but I’d assume it’s safe for both PVC and metal pipes, new and old, since it’s way less caustic than something like Drano.

*ETA: OK, use just the hottest water your tap makes if you have PVC pipes, so they don’t melt, I guess.

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  3. plantfaster said: The vinegar and baking soda are fine for all pipes, just don’t use boiling water with plastic pipes. After a while they can start melting.
  4. ellaminnowpea said: awesome, thanks! I actually just bought a couple gallons of vinegar in preparation for cleaning ALL the things! I really appreciate UFYH for the motivation and for the know-how :)
  5. cincodenada said: The comma after “froth” led me to initially parse that as a suggestion for me to eat the stuff living in my pipes, which is not a pleasant thought. Add a comma after foam or remove the one after froth; commas are important!
  6. youcrashquimssaysfuckthepolice said: This works wonders on all the things! I’ve done it many times. It may need to be repeated but I assure oyu it works!
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