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Asker katenotkaty Asks:
Any advice on keeping drains clean when you can't do a drain volcano in them? My bathtub drain makes a 90 degree turn pretty much immediately after coming out of the tub. If I dump in baking soda, it just sits there at the bend and when I add the vinegar, the volcano only goes up, so it cleans like the top 2 inches of pipe and the rest of the gunk that's clogging things up is still there (probably just behind the bend, making faces at me). Do I have any options besides Draino?
unfuckyourhabitat unfuckyourhabitat Said:

It may be worth getting a pipe snake (or having it professionally snaked) to start. If your pipes are metal, you can pour a kettlefull of boiling water down them every so often to keep them clear. If you have PVC pipes, your drain volcanoes should work after you snake it. Or you could try plunging your drain like you would a toilet.

I’m not opposed to Draino if it’s necessary, by the way. I just think people way overuse it, and it shouldn’t be used preventively.

  1. katenotkaty said: Thanks for the hints! I’ve snaked it before and not had great luck - stupid right angle bend in the pipe. I think something flexible would work though, so a Zip-It is definitely on my shopping list for tomorrow.
  2. ultraprism said: there’s a new Drano product that comes with an 18’ plastic snake and a bottle of the regular product — worked WONDERS on my slow sink that didn’t respond to the drain volcano.
  3. ptcapaldi said: would it be safe to try and plug the drain really fast after pouring in the vinegar….? Then it would have nowhere to go but through the drain instead of up. Then again it could explode haha.
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