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Hi UfYH! Okay, so I love cleaning. I really do. I find it relaxing to organise things, and I love the satisfaction I get when everything is nice and sparkly. I hate cleaning bathtubs though. I loathe them in fact. And because I hate doing them so much, I often put it off until it's a disgusting chore, rather than the quick wipedown I know it should be. Do you have any tips for cleaning bathtubs? Quick tips, and since I have left mine for so long now... the best way to get up all the grime?
unfuckyourhabitat unfuckyourhabitat Said:

Couple of things you can try:

  • Full the tub with hot water and cleaner. Let it sit for an hour, then drain it, scrub with a stiff brush and rinse.
  • Comet. Rinse the tub first so it’s a little damp, them sprinkle Comet (the old-school stuff in the green can) over it to make a sort of paste. Let it sit, then scrub with a stiff brush. use gloves.
  • Magic Eraser. I know I’m almost a parody of myself with this, but these things are freaking sorcery!
  1. wintergrey said: To keep up once you have the tub clean—mop. Hot water, cleaner, mop. I have a tub mop since I have two stupidly huge tubs, one of them big enough that I fall into it if I try and wash the far side. >:|
  2. sunnykatie said: after the UF, this is what works for me to keep it manageable. Spray the sink/toilet with cleaner (I use my all purpose vinegar/rubbing alcohol/H2O) and wipe with a paper towel, every morning. I do 1/4 of the shower tub a day, clockwise.under5min/day
  3. reallyginny said: I have a nasty fiberglass tub and hard water. I found a mix on Pinterest, equal parts white vinegar and Dawn dishwashing liquid and tried it. Works beautifully and keeps the tub and sinks looking nice and sparkly for quite a while.
  4. passionslikemine said: *whimpers* WHY DID I NOT KNOW ABOUT THAT FIRST ONE LAST WEEK? I could have used that to clean the tub SO MUCH faster, instead of nearly pulling my back out to do it… I <3 you UFYH
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