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It was great to see you on Twitter yesterday while Tumblr was having a meltdown. I would love to see the challenges & tips posted on Twitter as I check it more often than Tumblr. Is that possible? Thank you for starting this site. I'm slowly but surely unfucking my habitat and my life.
unfuckyourhabitat unfuckyourhabitat Said:

I do try, but I’m only one person and Twitter tends to be a little more time-consuming! I’ll do my best to engage a little more there, though.

  1. somekindofblogthing said: If you schedule the Tumblr posts you could link up Twitter and write out the Tweets in advance? Or use a thirdparty service like Tweetdeck to schedule direct to Twitter.
  2. danielefton said: Why don’t you just have the tumblr posts go to twitter? once you set it up its automated, or it’s simple to edit the tweets on the post page.
  3. knitmeapony said: Have you ever heard of Bufferapp? It’s free, lets you queue up a ton of posts very easily, and basically is how I tweet these days bufferapp dot com.
  4. cipater said: Yeah, you can link the Tumblr account to the Twitter account for updates and have them reposted.
  5. sass-raptor said: Isn’t there a way to have your tublypoos auto-posted to twitter?
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