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internetwinnage replied to your post: It was great to see you on Twitter yesterday while Tumblr was having a meltdown. I would love to see the challenges & tips posted on Twitter as I check it more often than Tumblr. Is that possible? Thank you for starting this site. I’m slowly but surely unfucking my habitat and my life.

Isn’t there a way to have your tublypoos auto-posted to twitter?

I do! The evening unfucking and morning make your bed posts are auto-posted there. Since I do so many asks and reblogging of pictures, that’s a little harder to make work on Twitter.

  1. baileyeverywhere said: That’s legit. Are the weekend challenges ones you have queued beforehand, or do you post them one at a time? It’s a pain, but if you have auto-tweet toggled off most of the time and just turn it on on those individual posts, it might work?
  2. sass-raptor said: ahh, I see.
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