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baileyeverywhere replied to your post: internetwinnage replied to your post: It was great…

That’s legit. Are the weekend challenges ones you have queued beforehand, or do you post them one at a time? It’s a pain, but if you have auto-tweet toggled off most of the time and just turn it on on those individual posts, it might work?

cipater replied to your post: It was great to see you on Twitter yesterday while Tumblr was having a meltdown. I would love to see the challenges & tips posted on Twitter as I check it more often than Tumblr. Is that possible? Thank you for starting this site. I’m slowly but surely unfucking my habitat and my life.

Yeah, you can link the Tumblr account to the Twitter account for updates and have them reposted.

I use auto-tweet a lot for challenges and things, but Twitter doesn’t like gifs, and everything else would be links (for asks and stuff). I’ll try to do better; sorry.

  1. baileyeverywhere said: Er, that wasn’t supposed to be sarcastic.
  2. cipater said: Hey, don’t apologize! I don’t even care! <3 haha
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