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Okay, so I just moved into a new apartment that is actually a quite old, basement apartment, and the base of the toilet leaks just ever so slightly, not enough for a huge puddle, just so the floow around it is slightly damp all the time. There is no fan in the bathroom, and I think it's starting to attract drain flies/bugs. Do you know of anything that I can spray/keep in the bathroom to counteract constant moisture, and likely eventual bugs and mold? Thanks!
unfuckyourhabitat unfuckyourhabitat Said:

1. GET THE TOILET FIXED. This is part of your landlord’s job. Before you do anything else, call and set up a time to get it fixed.

2. You can use cat litter to absorb moisture, or something like DampRid, which is a crystallized moisture absorber.

3. Clean it with a bleach solution (10:1 water to bleach is useful for most cleaning) pretty frequently to discourage things from growing.


  1. delores-mulva said: It might be a bad seal, so it won’t stop on its own. A new toilet will only cost your landlord a couple hundred, plus installation. If they pay for water, new tanks use much less water, so at least there is a benefit for them.
  2. shebrokeherbuttons said: Seriously..get it taken care of. That could breed black mold wish is sooo unhealthy! Good luck:)
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