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Every time I get an ask involving a stain where my answer is “rubbing alcohol” (ballpoint pen, hair dye, etc.), someone always pipes in that you should use hairspray instead. Here’s the thing: hairspray works on stains because of the alcohol content in it. However, it also has a lot of added ingredients, like the polymers or gums that make it sticky, and fragrance, and sometimes silicone for shine and water-resistance. Those added ingredients can leave behind their own residues, and can interfere with stain lifting.

So, pick up a bottle of rubbing alcohol. It’s a buck or two. Comes in handy.

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  2. isopod said: If you don’t have rubbing alcohol, hand sanitizer will do in a pinch-I’ve used it for removing permanent marker from whiteboards (which seems to be a consistent oops, and my workplaces always have sanitizer.) But rubbing alcohol is certainly handy.
  3. blueandbluer said: I’ve sometimes heard people recommend seltzer or tonic water for these things too. Does that work?
  4. second-breakfast said: Rubbing alcohol is also a good mild disinfectant. It’s especially good for de-stinkifying sweaty arm pits when deodorant won’t work!
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