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I’ve seen a number of people on Tumblr and Twitter lately refer to UfYH as “FlyLady without the _____.” (With various things in that fill-in-the-blank.) So I feel like I should get my FlyLady opinions on record.

FlyLady is the primary reason I was able to even get a grasp on unfucking in the first place. I did FlyLady on and off for quite some time, and while the set-a-timer-take-a-break method isn’t exactly revolutionary (see: Pomodoro method), it works. The encouragement from the site itself kept me from drowning in my own filth. The issue I had (besides the site design, which has since been revamped and looks great) was the community. I felt like I didn’t belong because I wasn’t (at the time) married, I have no kids, I’m not religious, and (this was the big one) I work full time. It’s hard to modify that system when you’re out of your house for 10-12 hours a day, and it’s tough to relate when there’s so much talk of blessing your house and blessing your family when you aren’t religious.

Unfuck Your Habitat is born out of trying to find a system that works for the rest of us: students, single people, people with roommates, people with full-time jobs, people with two jobs, people with physical limitations or mental illness, people who are maybe a little younger and a lot more liberal, but still want to live somewhere we can enjoy and be proud of.

FlyLady started out in the early-ish days of the Internet. She used the tools available at the time: group emails, a fairly basic-looking website. And she did it really really well. How can I have anything but admiration for a woman who started out with a message board and an email list and grew it into a multi-million dollar empire? That’s entrepreneurship at its most elemental. From everything I know, Marla (FlyLady) is an incredible human being, and she’s built a system that works for a huge number of people. Most of those people fit into a fairly particular mold: stay-at-home moms who go to church regularly. I’m just looking for a different system for a different demographic. I have nothing but respect for FlyLady and what she’s done. So, while my system may work better for you, I get a little uneasy when people have unkind things to say about FlyLady. I don’t like spicy food. Doesn’t mean it’s not good. Just means it’s not for me. 

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    UK FLYbabies email groups -...best friends EVER, in fact - but
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    Exactly. And as much as I like UfyH’s prompts, it’s not a strict DO THIS then DO THIS which I couldn’t even TRY to get...