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So this weekend we didn’t have anything planned, besides a standard “recharge by hanging around at home”, and I took this opportunity to finally get som Unfucking done in our house. Now, before I found Unfuck Your Habitat I would have started a marathon cleaning session on Saturday, cleaned until it hurt too bad to continue and then collapsed with less than half of the place done.

No more.

Together me and Husband managed to get the floors vacuumed, windows in living room cleaned (these are the ones we see most often so therefor most important), bathroom wiped down, kitchen tidied and laundry done. All of this over two days with plenty of rest (read: knitting and gaming) in between to keep aggravating our shoulders and backs. 

This is not all of the apartment, not even near, there are still some spaces that are utterly cluttered, but it’s something and it makes me feel better. 

Ending this by sharing my window cleaning tips, best way to get them clean without having to use window cleaner (makes me sneeze) and still get no stripyness:

  • Fill a bucket with warm water, add a touch of ordinary dish washing soap (and when I say a touch I mean a squirt or so in 5 liters of water)
  • Soak a large sponge or rag and lightly squeeze the water out of it. You want it to be wet but not to drip all over the floor.
  • Wipe down the windows, you want them to get really wet to dissolve all the gunk on there, rub on any stubborn spots like bird shit or masses of fingerprints. 
  • Take a dry fabric, micro fibre rag, dish towel or old t-shirt and wipe the windows dry. I like to drape it over my hand and then start at the upper left corner, wipe to the upper right, down a hand width and then to the left again repeating the same pattern until I reach the bottom. This gets rid of the water and with that the possibility of stripes.
  • Do the same for the outside of the window.
  • Extra bonus round of you have double or triple glass windows, separate the different layers and do the same. Usually not very necessary (depending on the air quality where you live).

Easy, fast and environmentally friendly. I thank my very brief stint as a cleaner at a hotel for this technique. 

I’d post a gif to celebrate my unfucking but I’ve already “borrowed” enough time from work so I’ll end here. 

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