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dear brilliant Unfuck Your Habit, although my anxiety tends towards order and cleanliness, I have found your blog incredibly helpful for not being overwhelmed by those bigger tasks (oh hai clothes closet, I'm looking at you) and reminding myself to stay on top of those smaller tasks so they don't mount. So first off, thank you! Secondly, I get it, I get it, laundry is wash, fold, put away. Any tips for those nasty fitted sheets? I cannot fold them and they fuck my linen closet and my put away.
unfuckyourhabitat unfuckyourhabitat Said:

When folding fitted sheets, you want to end up with all four elastic corners tucked into each other. SO:

  • Fold the sheet in half, either way.
  • Tuck the corners in to each other so that your top two corners are nestled together, as are your bottom two.
  • Fold again in half, the other way. All four corners should be in the same place.
  • Tuck them so that they’re all facing in the same direction.
  • You now have what is roughly a square.
  • Fold the sheet in thirds lengthwise, with the side with the corners being your first fold.
  • Fold in thirds widthwise, so now your corners are hidden in the middle and you have a nice smooth folded sheet.
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  3. riskofblossoming said: I feel like this is incredibly useful advice. Do you know if there are any short videos or even step-by-step photos illustrating the process, though? I’m finding the steps, written as is, difficult to picture
  4. utterlyfubar said: youtube.com/watch?v… <- another video (from Martha Stewart) showing exactly what PoM described, but funnier. (The woman on the end was hopeless, lol)
  5. beezelbubbles said: It helps me to lay it on the floor for the squaring up bit. Super pro tip: slip the folded sheets into their associated pillowcase so the set is always together.
  6. myownrobotbutler said: There are GREAT videos on youtube that will show you exactly how to fold fitted sheets. I watched a couple of them, and I swear to god it’s been life-changing.
  7. thedisreputabledog said: Here’s a video example I found helpful when I learned how to do this: youtube.com/watch?v… Visual learners may appreciate it.