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So I managed to move my bedroom dishes to the sink, but they have now been living there for too long and I think might be host to various microscopic colonies at this point. I am not entirely confident in my ability to get them hygenic with just soap and a sponge (no dishwasher). Is there something disenfecting-y that is also safe for dishes/food surfaces? Is it vinegar? I really dont want to eat off of them until they are surgical levels of disinfected. Thanks!
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  1. platedlizard said: Bleach. 1:10 bleach:water will kill just about any germ it encounters. Bleach evaporates in about 10 to 15 minutes or you can neutralize it with vinegar. Never mix it with other cleaner (except soap). Wear gloves or your hands will dry out.
  2. sicpress said: the CDC’s bleach solution is always good, we use that camping. Boiling water never hurts to help loosen things up, i like microwaving for germs as well.
  3. ailbhe-leamy said: I believe that soap breaks down the external structure of bacteria cells, and possibly virus cells as well. So hot soapy water might well be enough. But I’d check this with a handy biologist if I were you…
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