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I just tried PoM’s (aka UfYH lady) “nuke a bowl of vinegar and water for a few minutes” microwave cleaning trick.


No, really, that’s all I kept thinking as I was wiping.  WOW.  Everything came off so easy.  I think there were 2 small splatters (I’m pretty sure they were either tomato soup or tomato sauce from baked beans or something) that I had to go back and scrub at.  Everything else wiped off (literally) effortlessly.

The only difficult part of the whole process was leaning down and over so that I could see the inside top of the microwave; my back doesn’t like that.

And now the whole thing sparkles and shines (and smells a little like pickles, but hey, there’s worse things it could smell like!).  I wish I’d known that trick sooner!

A) Looks awesome.

B) I giggle when people call me “UfYH lady.”

C) (I put this in a comment) If you throw a slice of lemon in there too, it cuts the vinegar smell a bit.

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