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Pet owners: wash out those slobbery food and water dishes, and wipe down the area where your pets get fed, including any cabinet or wall surfaces that may get accidental splatter mess. Cat people, clean out your litter box. Gather up any toys and pet-related detritus scattered around the house and put them away. Wash your pet’s bedding. It smells. Trust me.

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  3. prettyshrub said: This one I’m good at doing. Apart from the floor. I have a block about floors.
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    UFYH is now apparently making me psychic. I had a sudden bout of motivation and I did this all, in this order, no joke,...
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    Damn, I need to do this one as well.
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    to do when i get home from work
  8. havingreadthebook said: Wooohooo. Halfway thru the list and I hadn’t even seen it yet! We just rescued two puppies, and along with our teenaged kitten/cat and our five year old dog, these have become daily chores!
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