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You know you have one. Or two. Or thirty. They’re boxes, maybe left from the last time you moved, maybe when you did some previous organization and stashed stuff away. And today we’re dealing with them. No matter how many you have, pick one, open it up, and deal with what’s in there. Put it away, throw it away, whatever you have to , but don’t stop until it’s empty and you can break the box down and stash it with the recycling.



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    I have boxes all over the place from the move five months ago. (Well, since my parents visited a month ago, all the...
  2. lozartist said: Pffft, lol. Good one for in a couple weeks after I’ve actually moved and unpacked shit.
  3. majaraco said: What do I do with things like drawings? I moved a year ago, and have 4 boxes full of paintings and drawings that weren’t trash and I’d like to keep. They’re irregularly sized, so I’m not sure how else to store them. Any tips?
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    This is my tomorrow guys.
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    Reblogging so I remember to do this tomorrow. I’m going to clean and then go through that box of crap from my move. It’s...
  6. psilocybang said: Oh god. The boxes. SO many from when I moved (over two years ago) Thanks Ufyh, I’ve been putting this off.
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    As soon as I saw this on my dash, my router decided to stop working (AGAIN.) I took that as a sign to deal with that...
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    Doing this now with the goal of getting through 2 of these every day this weekend.
  10. succisivesarah said: Blah, how did you know I still haven’t unpacked my moving in boxes?
  11. 88linesabout44fangirls said: Done. It was full of old pictures and cards. I kept some of them and threw away others.
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    I searched the whole apartment and couldn’t find any. This is not only a drastic change from our last move, it’s a...
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    I’ve been following UFYH for a while, but this was the first challenge I actually did. (And we all know I have boxes)....
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  15. purpleterpsichore said: Believe it or not, I don’t have one because I did this last week! Excellent.
  16. bixbiboom said: You must be psychic, Madame Ufyh. I was just staring at two boxes left over from our move-in—two and a half years ago.
  17. xomiamoore said: sigh I need to buy a bookshelf first… :(
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