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Or possibly a phone, but likely a computer. Move your eyeballs away from the screen and look to the closest flat surface, whether it’s your desk, your nightstand, or the coffee table. It could be the very surface that your computer is on! Clean it off. Come on, you can survive away from the Internet for a few minutes.

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    DONE. :D (Going to see how many of these challenges I can complete today… .)
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    I did this! I tell you what, it led to the most productive two hours I probably had this week. ♥
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    Reminder post from an awesome tumblr.
  5. gramina said: Done.
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    Great challenge! I feel like this should be daily like the Make Your Bed one. Having a laptop and bad habits, I’ll be in...
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    Challenge accepted! Just cleared off all the surfaces of my cube even going to far as to water my cube plants and pick...
  8. budketown said: Challenge accepted! (Thanks for the noodge)
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  10. hips-like-battleships said: doooone and I changed my garbage can in my room tooo!
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    The best part of this challange is that I sulkily glanced over at my nightstand thinking it was clean but lying on it...
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    It’s my coffee table, and it’s clean. It has green tea in a can, my new IKEA catalogues I got today, the remotes (I need...
  13. parallelb said: Desktop: Unfucked! Thanks for the kick in the ass. I’ve been putting off this task for like 2 weeks, and fixing it only took about 5 measly minutes.
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    My nearest flat surface was my nightstand. I moved three things—a ponytail holder, a half-empty beer bottle and a bag of...
  15. vanessadoes said: Do we win bonus points if we’d already done it this morning when we first got to work?
  16. muffystopheles said: Unfucked my coffee/laptop/DJ Hero table! Not only did I clear off the table itself, but under and around it! And my couch! (Folded blankets, ditched dirty laundry into proper basket, put away papers)
  17. glitternails said: I unfucked my nightstand, which inspired me to unfuck the foot of my bed. So, thank you!
  18. lunarscythe said: Done. found 6 vinyl bracelets, a bottle of paint, 50 cents and a 100 yen coin, and a L. 50 coin from Italy…I live in California and have never been outside the US? also a misfits pin and a PatD ticket stub.
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    Do beds or ottomans count? Cause they are technically the two closest flat surfaces (followed by the floor, which, dear...
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  21. nin3 said: i love this fucking blorg
  22. phoenixsleeps said: I actually did my nightstand about three days ago so I did a quick dust and removed the one thing that didn’t belong and then used the prompt to make me move my art supplies, which I’ve been putting off this evening. They’re back in the bag.
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    Done with the nightstand ! … The crap that was on it was… surprising. I feel like an archaeologist when I unfuck. u_U; …...
  24. thalassiq said: i ended up cleaning the desk, making my bed, putting the dishes away, and clearing off the floor.
  25. karengmt replied:
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    I’m taking this as a personal insult and I don’t know why.
  27. zeroisnottheone said: Thanks, I needed that. I’ve been doing a terrible job of self-care this week (sick first half of week, bummed about unexpected news from yesterday), that helped brighten up my workspace.
  28. geminiloveca said: Accepted! Work desk unfucked. Took less than two minutes, but then, I generally keep my work desk very neat in case my coworkers need to find something in my absence.
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  30. venustusthegreat said: Did it!
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    My computer’s on the floor. I see what you did there. BRB unfucking my life~