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Pick one kitchen counter and put everything that doesn’t belong on it away. Wipe down the counter and any appliances that are out (toaster, coffeepot, etc.).

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  2. sallyamongpoison said: Put down the computer and did this challenge the minute I saw it. Kitchen counter is cleaned and wiped. Thanks, UfYH!
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    I did that yesterday! On the flipping ball, mofos!
  4. tenthousandnails said: Ha! I did this last night! (Admittedly, I wouldn’t have bothered except we have the electrician here today unfucking our wiring, and he needed access behind all the counters.)
  5. phoebeophelia replied:
  6. infierceways said: Done! Didn’t even take five minutes.
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    Would love to do this but I fucking did it last night before going to bed!!!!
  8. cocothecat said: My kitchen counters are already spotless because I cleaned them (and the dishes!) before bed. Thanks for changing the way I live. Real talk.
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    I totally did this yesterday! I completely cleaned off a counter that had been cluttered for MONTHS. Wish I’d taken...
  10. nogling said: I totally did this before I went to work. Before the challenge was posted. I am either psychic, or UfYH has used their sorcery to tap into my subconscious mind. I’m voting for the latter. SORCERY!
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  12. ramallahcalling said: Too late, already did that today! <3
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