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i basically view the dining room table as one big shelf. when i can’t be bothered to put shit where it goes (and/or when there is no particular place for it) i just sort of dump it on my way past. also my dad died in may and i have a bunch of his stuff that i took and can’t let go of. so here was my dining room before.

this morning i did two 45/15s with a 45/15 of studying for the cpce (school counseling exam) in between. then i went out to lunch and did some other junk and came home and pretty much wanted to lie down forever but i put the tv on disney channel and did some more unfucking, so like two 20/10s? sorta? and here is the result:

we keep the placemats on the chairs because the cats like to sit on the table and a hairy placemat is nobody’s friend. but the table is clean! for the first time since early june i think because i had a stack of my dad’s papers on there.

the shelves are really organized now, with shipping/office supplies on the bottom, school stuff and games above that, books above that, and an empty(ish) shelf ready for my box collection (or more likely for more books). yes i do leave my shoes in the dining room. don’t judge me. there are a lot of little keepsakes from my dad that i have no real place for but want to keep so i’m leaving them for now. the box on the floor is photos and stuff to be put into albums when i can handle it.

…okay so the desk still needs to be unfucked. i’m calling it a 2/3 win on this room. plus there was a ton of stuff that just got shifted to other rooms and a box of tech stuff. 

i did more cleaning than studying, and i’m really not sure how to feel about that. i have another day to clean/study tomorrow. the test is two weeks from TODAY.

Looks awesome! Now get to studying.

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