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Throw away anything expired or gross (pay special attention to condiments), wipe down all shelves and surfaces (hot water and vinegar works well and is safe around food), then replace everything neatly.

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    Completed! IN the wake of the bedbug infestation, I decided that instead of fighting it, I’d just move. Which means...
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    Didn’t do this perfectly, but enough so that I’m patting myself on the back for it!
  3. lorinsv said: Yay, that’s what I had planned to do today!
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    I’m sharing this because I want you guys to know how proud of myself I am, that this is something I do pretty regularly....
  5. frigatesandfails said: Woah, I literally just finished un-fucking my fridge (treating myself to a bacon sandwich with the bacon that had been discovered at the back). A good 2/3 of the stuff in there had to be binned but it’s so shiny and clean now!
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