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The Great Unfucking: The Bookcases

For the past couple of weeks, since the anti-depressants finally kicked in (woo!), I’ve been methodically haphazardly working on unfucking the flat. I haven’t been using the full UfYH method, because I haven’t been setting a timer to do 20/10s, but I haven’t been marathon-cleaning in a panic as I’ve previously done either. Instead I’m actually trying to get everything organised by focusing on one spot at a time, clearing out invisible corners, getting rid of stuff I no longer use (and probably haven’t used for years) and generally trying to retrain my brain to be less of a hoarder.

Today’s invisible ‘corner’ was the double bookcase that’s been steadily collecting random detritus since we bought it two years ago.

Somewhat maddeningly, there doesn’t actually look to be that much of a difference between the before and after above, despite that representing several hours of work (with breaks). This is partly because I forgot to take the before until half way in, and partly because despite numerous breaks I reached a point where I just couldn’t play book-Tetris any more without going completely mad. I currently hate all books, especially the awkwardly shaped ones that just don’t fit anywhere.

But at least I’ve made a start, and I should be able to get the rest done tomorrow. After which no-one will ever be allowed to read any of the books ever again, especially not the ones at the back.

That’s how this works yeah?

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