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Small victories! Even in 20/10s, our apartment is kind of overwhelming. I was getting pretty burned out on the living room and had some laundry to do, so I decided to boost my spirits by taking a 20 to dust/wipe down the machines, reorganize the top shelf, and unfuck my laundry caddy (storage for dryer sheets, lingerie bags, Dryel). I took all the stuff that was sitting around for our upcoming party and put it in a bin that I will set aside until the end of next week when it’s actually party time. I’m going to put the reusable grocery bags that were hiding out there in my trunk so I always have them at the grocery store. And you can see my extra bottle of VINEGAR that I was actually looking for earlier today!

And because I completed this “room” in one 20, I have renewed confidence for tackling the rest of the apartment.

(P.S. Sorry if this posts twice. I tried to post it with my Tumblr iPhone app and it didn’t show up… so it might show up later. Because that’s what Tumblr for iPhone does. Posts things days later.)

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