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Top three photos are my room a few weeks ago. It got worse before it got better. Not pictured because I didn’t think to take one is the top of the bookshelf that serves me as bedside table and jewelry storage; quite chaotic, I assure you.

Bottom five photos are my room just now. It isn’t yet vacuumed (I’m the only one awake; loud noise on the people-sleeping floor would be cruel), but it is organized and otherwise clean. (I should find something else to do with the books I’m selling other than stacking them in front of the dresser, but it’s organized.) I didn’t take pictures of the rest of the room because my sister’s stuff is still all over it, but there’s more floor space than there’s been in months. I also have hundreds of books packed instead of stacked on the floor (that’s most of the boxes in the closet), and all my clothes are in either the dresser or the closet. And quite to my astonishment, the books I’m keeping out all fit on either the dresser or my bookshelves with room to spare!

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