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Crappy quality because it was taken on my phone.

So I completed a challenge that my therapist gave me for today: clean off at least one surface.

This is to help handle my anxiety and to get my house back in shape.

One of my son’s counselors for his intervention program told me that it concerned her that my house was in this shape, namely for the mice that are slowly taking over our house. I expressed this concern to MY therapist and she’s helping me take control of it by setting goals based around Unfuck Your Habitat’s challenges (I told her about it). Tomorrow’s goal is to clean off another surface that is twice as big and Friday’s goal is to tackle the floors. We are focusing on one item/problem at a time and this week is trash. Since this was a small space to for me to clean, I did the whole job throwing out things that I didn’t need/junk, cleaned off any food crumbs, and wiped it down.

Oh, and if your sponge smells disgusting from sitting in water/stagnated while drying, just pour some vinegar straight on it. It kills most of the smell. Seriously.

Since underneath is part of the floor, I decided that I shouldn’t stress myself out too bad and wait for it to come around because I know back behind the desk is a “hidden corner” and will make my anxiety rise.

Remember, procrastination isn’t usually laziness. It’s a reaction and escape from anxiety. So be brave and get to work! (Taken from this photo)

One step at a time…

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  7. ashdisneyc88 said: i saw maggies respones so i know you want to do this your self but if you want i can watch sly on saturday for a few hours to give you free time. I know its hard to clean with a kid around sometime. They require attention. ;)
  8. anightvaleintern said: If you need help cleaning I could try to come over one weekend. I know you are having problems with depression and stoof and I can’t name how many times I just wished someone would come help me clean when I was really down.
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