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Hi there. I sort of have a problem with getting started on things unless someone or something kicks me in the ass and tells me 'go! do! now!'. So I need some serious, low tech, low budget ass-kicking. Any ideas on how to achieve this? (I manage to make my bed some time during the day, generally the very second I see your reminder to do it [which is awesome, thanks], but I usually don't manage much more than that, and it's just not enough any more).
unfuckyourhabitat unfuckyourhabitat Said:

Set alarms. Use browser add-ons like Self Control to limit your recreational internet usage. Get yourself an accountability buddy who will, in fact, tell you to go and do it now.

  1. utterlyfubar said: If you have the type of phone that will let you set multiple alarms & label them, you could always try setting one with something like “get the fuck off your ass and bring all the dishes to the kitchen” or something. Start small and work your way up
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