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help! my lease is due a renewal and the lady from the agency is doing an inspection net wednesday. my habitat is... so fucked it is not even funny. ...how am i not gonna have a panic attack while at this? how am i going to get everything done int he little time i have left? i am just totally ready to cry at the amount of shit i need to do :(
unfuckyourhabitat unfuckyourhabitat Said:

Start now. Figure out what the worst area is. 20/10 in the worst room first. Do that twice. Then 20/10 in the bathroom. Then alternate two 20/10s in each room until it’s done. You have, give or take, five days. I bet 3 or 4 20/10s a day and the place will be immaculate.

You can do this. You just have to start now.

  1. capricious said: ready yourself with some trashbags to get rid of junk and trash and garbage. you can totally do it! just keep breathing, just 1 thing at a time, 1 20/10 at a time.
  2. radioactivesoup said: I know this is super scary, but YOU CAN DO THIS. As our great leader says, you just have to start now! Don’t feel ashamed of asking for help from friends. Takes lots of breaks. Believe in yourself. :D
  3. afoodbeast said: Also start with the areas of biggest visual impact. Kitchen counters and sink. Clear floors, make bed, bathroom counter. With remaining time, go deeper on the level of clean. Clear becomes clean.
  4. queerwings said: It’s scary but you can do it! Talk yourself through baby steps even if it takes you 5 minutes to put a book away or something, it will be one book less!
  5. divinityphotography said: Ask friends to help. Offer to make them baked goods. Have cookies and an upbeat playlist ready and see who will help you clean.
  6. polyurethane said: You can do it!
  7. havingreadthebook said: Goood luck!!!!
  8. gloriouschainsawmethod said: put your music on or in and just power through, I work hardest when i’m in total robot mode. trash, dishes, putting away, dusting, ‘cleaning’ is a good order
  9. gayspacenerds said: YOU GOT THIS
  10. iguanafish said: YOU CAN DO THIS BUDDY
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