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Thank you! I’ve been fighting depression, switching jobs 4 times in the last few months, 3 startups and living together with my boyfriend, and it’s tiring. I feel exhausted all the time, and don’t even have a healthy sleep schedule. Have I mentioned I’m 23 and left my parents’ home when I was 20? (My mom was and still is a cleaning freak, she’s always wiping or cleaning something.)

You have helped me through all of this, and also getting rid of the disgusting habit of using my kitchen sink as a trash can, which is foul and made the whole place smell like a waste facility.

Now my kitchen is squeaky clean, and likely to remain so, since I wipe it down every day! 

My bathroom was… ugh, not even going to go there. Now it’s sparkling as it was when we rented the apartment!

So yes, it is possible to get stuff done, saying “I didn’t have time to do it” is just a silly excuse and a lie to ourselves.

By the way, let me share a little secret: I’m using www.todoist.com to manage my chores.

I just write down a small task, like wiping the bathroom sink, and set it to warn me every three days. Every day for the kitchen sink, and every 20 days for changing the kitty litter.

It’s very relaxing, because even though not everything is done at the end of the day, I’m not stressed out because I know that task has its own place in time, and that the app will tell me when it’s time to do it, and I can only concentrate on the few tasks I have for the day. 

So I actually have more time for myself, for my friends and for my beloved books. And a new startup.

Thanks again, so much! If I can do it, anyone can!

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