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Someone just steered me to a Jezebel post about a TLC program about a woman who bleaches everything in her house (and in other people’s houses), including food and, well, everything. My two strongest reactions:

1. Holy fuckballs, does Gawker’s commenting system blow goats; and

2. You do not ever need that much bleach. Even in sterile lab settings, you’ll almost never need a bleach/water ratio any stronger than 1:10. And most of the time, bleach is overkill. I’m (obviously) not a scientist, so I’m not going to speculate on breeding supergerms or whatever, but it’s not good for your skin, not good for your respiratory system, and generally unnecessary unless you’re dealing with biological hazards. Bleach has its place, but it is way overused, and please don’t bleach your food, people.

  1. keihoshiakari said: At most of the food service places I’ve worked bleach is used 50 ppm for cleaning purposes and …10 ppm, I think, for washing raw fruits and vegetables. One teaspoon of bleach in a gallon of water is 65 ppm.
  2. pinkthatfuckingpink said: At husband’s work, when they chop the fruits for the platers, they have to bleach their knives before cutting.
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    Don’t use the salad bar then, that’s all you have to avoid.
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    Never eating there again jesus that’s not right :x
  5. feasy said: My family owns rental houses, and we bleach the sh*t out of bathrooms between tenants. Depending on how bad it got, we might do it twice. That said, degreaser usually does a fine job, and bleaching food is just… I don’t even have the words. Yuck
  6. doubledigitalis said: I work in a deli, and when we use bleach water to sterilize food surfaces, like cutting boards, we use part soap, part bleach, and then HOT water so it evaporates off that surface, making it safe for food prep.
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    My boyfriend uses bleach and hates the smell of vinegar.He hates that vinegar has non harmfully tackled the worst of...
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    I SAW this woman dipping her fruit in bleachwater and softly cried.
  10. polyurethane said: My friend’s grandmother used to BATHE with a small amount of bleach in the water.
  11. reaperella said: why in the world would somebody bleach their food?!
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    Ahh Kinja, they’ve actually made it progressively worse. And they can’t IP ban anyone, which is great when there are...
  13. kurookami said: also it can get rid of the normal flora of your skin, which normally help stave off nasty things!
  14. samyazaz said: Another one here with a medical background concurring that a 1:10 bleach solution is hospital standard for killing just about anything that needs it. Though it’s worth noting that the solution is only considered effective for 24 hours.
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    My mom is like this. Not food but EVERYTHING else. The floor when she mops. Her laundry (not colors or blacks obviously...
  16. accomplicerex said: Gawker easily has the worst UI design ever, and they continue to be obstinate about it.
  17. dontsleepsharks said: 10 percent bleach long term. If I do a short term soak for lab supplies, I’ll go as high as 15 percent for, say, 30 minutes.
  18. international-nerd said: Chlorine is very rarely your friend.
  19. iapetusneume said: I’ve taken medical classes, and we are advised to use a 1:10 solution. That is the industry standard for hospitals, and used to clean surfaces with deadly viruses and bacteria. If it’s enough for hospitals, it should be enough for the rest of us.
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