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I blame you.  

I found your blog three months ago.  I bought the app.  I’ve been a happy lurker.  

But now, I feel the need to join; contribute to the unfucking community and give back (aka, actually clean my unbelievably fucked apartment and submit posts about it).  So I just joined Tumblr.  TUMBLR!  As if I need another black hole of time suckage and creative procrastination at my fingertips! 

Thank you so much for getting me started on this new addiction.  UFYH, you are officially a gateway blog.  Have you no shame?

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    Pretty much. Except for the, um, actually cleaning part.
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  3. tenthousandnails answered: No shame. Just unfucking brilliance.
  4. pennywhistle answered: THERE’S AN APP???? *downloads*
  5. radasha answered: Ha! That’s *exactly* what happened to me. *laughs*
  6. divinityphotography answered: Best gif ever.
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