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Wow, today was interesting. I came home to my mom’s house because the term is over and it had been a while since i was last home. I decided to tackle the laundry room, since it was pretty disgusting and I can guarantee that it was not a healthy environment for anyone: especially the cats who eat in there. I couldn’t bring myself to do a load of laundry last time I was home, so I just know it was time to make a move.

BOY was I surprised with what I found. 

  • 14 expired 2-liters of soda
  • tons of near-empty laundry/cleaning supply containers
  • 20+ boxes of lightbulbs on top of the shelf, and hardly any in the “light bulb box”
  • and the creme de la creme: under the washer and dryer was a build-up of dust and lint and just…. shit that had been collecting for what I discovered to be at least 21 years. my mom said she can’t remember if she’d ever cleaned under there, and I’ve never seen her do it either. 
So what I did was:
  • get rid of all the bottles of soda: dumped down the drain, but the containers were saved for recycling
  • combined laundry detergent containers and got rid of a few extra bottles and organized all the ones left over. I wish I could have pared down them some more, but I was worried about mixing chemicals.
  • condensed the lightbulb collection, organized it, and put it in the box. also I organized all the shelving and cleaned it up. 
  • attacked the shit out of the lint build up. hot water with soap, rubber gloves, and a spatula to scrape it off the ground. I found at least a dollar in loose change, like 6 pens, a tube of chapstick, and other random stuff among the debris. 

I think I was pretty successful, since I wasn’t even planning on tackling this today when I got home..

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