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Odd question, but I can't think of anyone else who might have an answer: when you put sheets on your bed, do you put the sheet "wrong side" up, so if you were to fold it over, the "right side" would be showing? My mother taught me to make it like that and I've been doing it that way my whole life, but my roommates always looked at me funny
unfuckyourhabitat unfuckyourhabitat Said:

If you tend to fold your top sheet over your comforter, then wrong side up. If not, right side up. I tend to go for maximum sleep comfort, so whichever side is softer goes on the inside, looks be damned.

  1. countryangel66 said: Her mother is right.
  2. shuraiya said: That’s what I do, too!!! I thought I was alone!
  3. stuft said: my mom does this too but my feeling is, that’s why they have the big sewn edge at the top. whatever you call that.
  4. capricious said: Wrong side up for life
  5. bohemianelitist said: Sleep comfort as well. I figure if someone’s going to be seeing my bed they’d damn well better not judge me or I have more problems inc than a wrong-sided sheet.
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