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Have a day off and an apartment to myself so I am doing some unfucking :)  my first 20-10 saw two things that have been nagging at me unfucked!  First, the coffee table:


Random collection of things that have no homes and trash.


I found everything homes and finally put a tablecloth on :)

Next up was the futon:


It was totally fucked because sometimes I have random people over and i almost never bother to turn the thing back into a usable couch.  But I sit here typing to you from:


my unfucked ‘couch’!  I lint rollered it and everything.

I have been working on the kitchen as well but that is going to be a bigger project that goes in to tomorrow due to some leaked litterbox issues >.<  but I’m working on flat surfaces tonight which is probably the most fun unfucking you can do. 

I’ve been following this tumblr for a while now and it has really helped me with keeping my apartment under control but I never posted before and afters.  I might post a bit more later as I have the whole night ahead of me.


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