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Today I unfucked the kitchen! It was in serious need of de-cluttering and since I got new pots and pans and thing for Christmas, I needed to re-organize and get rid of the old stuff to make room. I also cleaned out so many cabinets and drawers and found a surprising amount of old cell phones, hard drives, chargers, etc. 

I didn’t really do 20/10s, I did more like a 60/40/120 because I was on a roll. I feel sooo much better now that it’s clean and organized, and I want to do every room in the apartment over the next couple of months, while putting aside things we don’t need/want with the goal of having a yard sale in the spring. We’re both packrats, so we tend to accumulate a lot of STUFF, and lately I’ve felt sort of smothered because we don’t have enough space. 

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