Unfuck Your Habitat

You're better than your mess.

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  1. apethenut answered: All the little bills that pile up, school papers, back taxes, and the crisper drawers in the fridge!
  2. abazoo answered: kitchen and entryway floors!
  3. quaisior answered: A tiny part of my library. It’s an L-shaped room and I want half clean by tomorrow.
  4. vanityofneedles answered: My life.
  5. sajetn answered: The litter box. The CatGenie got plugged and wouldn’t drain. Not as gross a fix as I’d thought! And it’s done & working perfectly again :)
  6. whoneedsryangosling answered: My bedroom. I wanted to put a desk in it, but I had to clean it first. So I did! In time for a conference call!
  7. tuskntemper answered: The laundry, the dishes, and the pantry.
  8. squigglebrain answered: recycleables, trashcans, trash, toilet and bathroom sink. tiny baby steps.
  9. khisakitty answered: I emptied and put away three boxes at my mother’s from her move, also reorganised her kitchen cupboards. My house: got rid of paper trash.
  10. heartvice answered: the spaces around my bed - kind of -, my keepsake box, and some of my desk. all a work in progress!
  11. hollyhunt answered: My dirty car!
  12. lorinsv answered: Degrunged my medicine cabinet.
  13. daear answered: My LinkedIn profile.
  14. cdeathhh answered: the little corner of my kitchen where i throw my recyclables… always gets piled up! took <10m to get it all sorted and put out for pickup!
  15. heychubby answered: My job search!!! Applied for 2 jobs and returned a call to a temp agency.
  16. zippyjen answered: My spice cabinet
  17. tigersatology answered: Lesson plans!
  18. freackthehopeful answered: I dropped off a job application and got a hair cut
  19. tlsanders answered: Me! I unfucked me. I had a physical therapy session and an appointment with my cardio-pulmonary rehab trainer and kicked butt for 3 hours!
  20. sugarbiscotti answered: my office desk. Goodbye, coffee-cup rings.
  21. reetoes answered: I unfucked the bathroom, especially the gross space between the tumble dryer and the side wall. Many dust bison fell to my damp rag this day.
  22. vanessadoes answered: My towels in the linen closet. Instead of all piled haphazardly, they’re all rolled neatly. Same with my socks.
  23. asgoodasafire answered: Unloaded dish washer, put dirty ones in. Plus met with insurance adjuster about fucked ceiling (water damage) and took new cat to vet.
  24. cactuartamer answered: Cleared the sink after breakfast. Remembered to do a short workout and practiced flute before going to Work
  25. slugfaery answered: Living room clutter, dishes.
  26. waywren answered: Other people’s bank accounts.
  27. bebemochi answered: The bathroom counter… there was a bag with some new TP, some meds, some makeup that could all scoot, so I scooted it. Unfucked!
  28. tigerarchivist answered: the basket of christmas cards. Made a list and then recycled the cards.
  29. idhren answered: My code!
  30. varimi answered: my laundry basket and bedroom! :)
  31. thelessa answered: my doctor
  32. maskedhero answered: ACTUALLY my whole kitchen/dining room with the help of my best friend Stephanie :D It was a huge task but somehow we’re doing it!
  33. naisercubi answered: I unfucked my bedroom, for the most part. Vertical t-shirt folding, organizing and general maintenance.
  34. parlezfood answered: The dishwashing/bottle sanitation area of a nanobrewery. Seriously. And next week I’ll probably have to do it again. And again. And again…
  35. aprilrains answered: Christmas gifts
  36. ladymac111 answered: my gradebook
  37. havingreadthebook answered: My calendar! School, Scouts [meetings and campouts], band [rehearsals, auditions, performances] Dr Appts and family visits.
  38. hearthburn answered: I put together the new cat tower and made a shopping list!
  39. wingsscrub answered: I made my bed. Because I’m not ready for the next step. Yet.