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This mess took a day and a half to make. Yeah. I’m not sure why it goes to hell so quick, but it does. I mean I just did all the dishes yesterday morning! It’s not like it has been a week. My only answer is we cook every meal from scratch pretty much and with three people on different diets and often in a rush, we don’t have time to clean up. I know. Excuses are boring. I’m going to try and get into the habit of cleaning while doing but for now I have 20/10’s. So here is what it looked like when I got home last night and after quickly feeding a hongry toddler: imageimage

And after 22 minutes the after:



Much improved and as you can see I am heating water for a cup of tea! The dishes in the sink couldn’t fit in the washer. I didn’t have time to hand wash them so they will have to wait for the next load. I didn’t get to clean the stove more than just a wipe around the edge but I scrubbed those pans!

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