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I enjoy reading all the inspiring stories of people taking care of business. I’m proud of everyone who gets something done, however small. I know from experience how hard it is to get started on unpleasant task, especially when you’re dealing with pain or stress. 

For my own part, today I dealt with about 3 square feet of “problem area.” Sorted, tossed, dusted, swept. It’s not my entire space— it’s a small slice of my room that I’ve neglected since I moved in two years ago. I found out that Lysol wipes (or generic equivalent) work a treat for getting mildew off of leather (remember to recondition the leather afterwards with your favorite leather oil.)

Anyway, thanks for the inspiration. And thanks, too, for the $12.87 in loose change I found on the floor and in an old duffel bag. I think I’ll spend it on Magic Erasers and candy. :)



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