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I feel really terrible and scared to start anything cause I know that if i were to picture it, my after pictures would look like other people's before pictures cause everything is so fucked up in here. so i feel horribly discouraged to even start trying
unfuckyourhabitat unfuckyourhabitat Said:

Someone’s after pictures will always look like someone else’s befores. I can guarantee that if I posted pictures of my house right now, someone out there would find a way to be appalled by the state of my home. We’re all working from different baselines.

Don’t let the idea of perfection turn you away from making progress. The most important part of the UfYH philosophy is that even if you can only do a tiny little something, that great! That’s progress! So you don’t have a perfect home when you’re done. That’s fine. It’ll be a little bit better. And then maybe tomorrow, a little more on top of that.

You don’t have to post pictures. I’d still suggest taking them, so you can see your progress. We often can’t track how far we’ve come when we’re right in the middle of it, but it’s good to be able to look at a picture and say, “Wow. I did more than I thought.”

And finally, no one, not one single person here, is beyond help. No one’s home is too far gone to even start. You deserve better than to feel so terrible about where you live.

  1. unsugar said: Try not to compare yourself to others. Celebrate any little accomplishment as something BIG! Love the sq.ft pic idea-Someone out there may need to see your progress as inspiration so that that they too will have the courage to start.
  2. ailbhe-leamy said: Take a pic of the room. Post before & after pics of only one square foot, for encouraging responses. But keep taking whole room pics for yourself. Later you can realise all the different baseline perspective stuff, but you can also work around it.
  3. stuft said: SOME PEOPLE’S BEFORE PICTURES I THINK ARE AFTER PICTURES! That’s only to say that whatever you do will make a difference TO YOU and that’s all that matters.
  4. reallyginny said: Take heart! There is no one perfect “after” to strive for. There is just “progress” and “better than it was.”
  5. wintergrey said: This makes me so sad, I want to hug the OP. It’s not about comparing or measuring up. It’s just about doing what you can. If, by chance, you’re really the messiest person out there, it only means you’re also the bravest for doing this.