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I’m sure I’m not alone in the “Wow, the holidays were crazy and my house has been a mess ever since!” category, right? At least I hope not!

Pre-holiday madness + post-holiday madness + I just want to relax = A messy house. For the last month (or more) I’ve been seriously slacking off. But today, with a helpful reminder from UfYH, I decided to do something about it.

I started with the guest room. That poor little room, crammed full of stuff, mostly empty boxes. It was so packed my brother had to stay with my parents over the holidays, and he always stays with me. Sorry, bro. The dining room still had a lot of collateral damage as well, so I took care of that too.


Obligatory cat pic: Wait, you’re recycling these? I haven’t even climbed in them yet!

After about three 20/10s (did some work in the kitchen and living room as well) I managed to de-clutter these two rooms.


Yay for getting back on track! It feels good, you guys should totally try it.

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