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What toilet bowl cleaner do you recommend for the nightly "unfuck tomorrow morning" routine? There isn't a specific one mentioned in your supplies list. Also, why not use it if you have pets? They can't lift the lid (well at least my cat can't).
unfuckyourhabitat unfuckyourhabitat Said:
  1. Whatever you have on hand. I usually use some kind of multi-purpose cleaner concentrate, but you can use whatever’s around: toilet bowl cleaner, vinegar, dish soap, whatever. Just as long as it’s one at a time.
  2. Because people are smartasses, and apparently someone’s cockatiel can pry the lid up and someone else seems to truly believe if you put the lid down on your toilet when there’s cleaner in it, your toilet will explode. (Spoilers: it won’t. Unless you’re using cleaners that no one should have in their possession.) Just covering all the bases with that one.
  1. xibalbadance said: Damn I wanted my toilet to explode…
  2. realmaco said: Why is the cockatiel out of its cage overnight?
  3. estherks said: I think it is good that you add the “unless you have pets.” I have met a dog that can not only open the bathroom door but can open the toilet lid to get a drink. It is very startling when this happens and you are in the shower.
  4. disposable-me said: You forgot the part where you get a dozen links to some news article about an irresponsible pet owner who caused great harm to their pet in this manner and how you should educate yourself. :P
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