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Kitchen before and afters!!

The cabinet hardware is not complete yet but you can get an idea of the difference it makes anyway!

It’s so nice to have a fresh start with new, clean, and FUNCTIONING things.

The Old:

  • cooktop sat on top of the dishwasher, sat about 1/2” above the counter
  • cooktop only had 2 burners I could use, 1 had plastic melted on it (not my doing) 1, was broken
  • dishwasher broke a couple years ago
  • oven turned on but didn’t get above like 250 degrees, turns out there were too many things hooked up to one circuit or whatever & it wasn’t getting enough juice
  • range hood light would stay on for however long it felt like
  • was remodeled in 1973.

The rest you can see for yourself.  It’s so much cheerier and pleasant to be in. I love the extra counter space. But at the expense of a huge cabinet I got a lot of use out of. I guess I am going to have to decide what I can get rid of and how to store things more efficiently.

the end

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