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Asker ashercroix Asks:
What do you think of the show "Hoarders"? Every time I watch it I think of UFYH. (Also, I get itchy.)
unfuckyourhabitat unfuckyourhabitat Said:

Honestly? I think it’s exploitative and sensationalist and I sort of have a problem with most TV shows that rely on humiliating people who have serious issues to deal with. Hoarding isn’t a joke, or entertainment, and since the reaction to the show is usually people feeling disgusted or superior to the people on the show, I can’t really support it.

I think that there is some value in providing some of the participants with resources that they might not have otherwise had access to, but the whole concept kind of skeeves me out.

I do, however, love How Clean is Your House? from the BBC. It has a far more light-hearted tone, it treats the participants less horribly, and, to me, it doesn’t feel like it’s trying to make mental illness a sideshow.

  1. thegirlchris said: Another good show is out of Canada, called “Consumed.” It’s sort of Hoarders light. The families have too much stuff in their homes, so EVERYTHING gets taken away for a month, so the family sees just how it was affecting them.
  2. lilinternetwarrior said: This is a perfect description of how I feel about ‘Hoarders’. Could you possibly make this post rebloggable? I’d like to be able to share it with my followers.
  3. ryface-disused said: As someone with hoarders in my family, this is EXACTLY how I feel about Hoarders. So gross.
  4. housebathory said: My parents are Horders and until I saw that show I didn’t realize they had a mental disease. I was just angry at them all the time. After I watched the show I knew I wasnt alone and they couldn’t help what they were doing.
  5. unsugar said: I LOVE How Clean is Your House :) That is such a good show! Hoarders is hard to watch but as a person who was raised in a hoarder’s house, I have to say that show has helped me feel not so alone.
  6. joshuaorrizonte said: You just described my problem with Hoarders perfectly. Thank you.
  7. ragvinerust said: YES. Thank you for saying this. As a Hoarder, that show makes me feel so awful.
  8. hellotheremaryrose said: I wish I could reblog this. Thank you for answering this so perfectly. You’re the best.