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You should que a nightly one of these for each time zone :)

There are 40 timezones. I have three daily reminder posts (make your bed, unfuck tomorrow morning, and 11 p.m.). If I were to queue a post for each reminder in each timezone, that would be 120 posts a day without any additional content besides the reminders. I’m pretty sure no one would stick around after about a day or so of that.

Instead, people can use the tools at their disposal to have the reminders appear at the right time for them. Reblog and use the “publish on” feature so that it appears at the right time for you, as suggested here, and here, and here, and here, and here, and here.

  1. agnisdaughter said: Oi, people. How about use the “official” reminder as a personal reminder to set your own alarm on computer/clock/phone? Problem solved without inconvenience to anyone else. Yai!
  2. crayonpanda said: 1. I apologize on behalf of humanity. 2. I am SO glad you don’t do that!
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  4. doubledigitalis said: I can’t believe you’re expecting me to look at my own clock. It’s so far from the centre of my screen.
  5. ionicaq said: You remind me of the genie in Aladdin when they get on the magic carpet. Exits are here, here, here, here, here and here!
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    But but, there’s only like what four or five in the US. You mean other places have different timezones!? Really?...
  7. calimie said: Lol lol lol these people would fall dead if their internet happens to fail one day.
  8. lisztaffe said: But why don’t people ever get it??
  9. xhangryx said: You are a saint for not tracking these people down and giving them a stern talking to in person