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It’s pantry time, people! How many old boxes of crackers, half-eaten bags of chips of questionable origin, and bits and pieces from gift baskets of years past are kicking around in your cabinets and cupboards? Time to weed through. Grab a trash bag, and give me 20 minutes on, followed by a ten minute break. Repeat until only unexpired, still-edible food remains.

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    I love it when PoM comes up with a challenge that I’ve already done on my own (Tuesday, when I had the groceries...
  2. somekindofblogthing said: I did this about a month ago and OMG IT IS SO MUCH BETTER NOW. I can cook without having to fight things falling off the shelves every time! Now I just need to get around to doing the baking cupboard too…
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    OMG I just did that last weekend!!!! Yay!
  4. ailbhe-leamy said: Did this with the medicine cabinet lately. Still have to take the drugs to the pharmacy to dispose of.
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    Oh dear god I don’t want to know how long this would take at my parents’ house D:
  7. wthellokitty said: And any unwanted non-expired non perishables could be donated to a local food pantry.
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  9. justanothergreyface said: Guilty as charged!
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