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Unfuck Your Habitat’s ongoing challenge this week is “Put It Away.” They meant this in reference to laundry and dishes, and although I do have a tendency to let them sit in the basket/drain, they are neat and contained and do get put up in some form next time I do that chore. Basically, they don’t bother me nearly as much as my other habits.

But UfYH’s Put It Away challenge had a lot of significance to me for other bad habits I have. So in a move that, judging from the nasty comments I see over there all the time, must seem VERY novel, I decided to apply her advice in a way that made sense for my life instead of bitching at her about her stupid fucking rules that I voluntarily signed up to have conveniently delivered to my dashboard for free.

Namely, I never clean up after myself when I do artsy craftsy things, which is most of my day now that it’s my living. Today I had to work on some brooches and sew up some needle cases, so I decided I’d clean up after each step instead of doing what I normally do and letting it pile up forever until it’s a crisis and I can’t find my liquid stitch and have to buy more (true story—found it recently).


I keep this corner of my desk full of things to make me happy, to motivate me to be neat there. I took during and after pics and timed myself. See my results below the cut, as well as more wordy rambling.

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