Unfuck Your Habitat

You're better than your mess.

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  1. misfit4leaf answered: I have unfucked my living room, and the pile of clean close on top of the dryer. I shall begin unfucking my bathroom soon.
  2. allurious answered: Unfucked not having an apartment to live in. Hooray!
  3. tarot-sybarite answered: My kitchen counters! And my living room floor, though that’s a continuing battle because I have 2 playful dogs.
  4. abazoo answered: I’ve done my dishes all week, not letting them touch the sink!
  5. wings-unfurling answered: Inside my microwave! Did you know that shit sparkles??? =D
  6. crayonpanda answered: My bed area, progressing on emptying the extra room for imminent roommate. Much shuffling of excess objects, some purging, some must wait
  7. ellectric23 answered: ALL the laundry!!!
  8. myfavoritecolorisbluelikethesky answered: sorted daughter’s clothes, passed along about 6 garbage bags filled with outgrown stuff to family via free section/craigslist, drawers close
  9. sadesmom answered: Nothing ! I have spent the last week and a half with my daughter and her new husband .
  10. timaticus answered: The lawn. 1/4 acre of land, with over half the grass longer than a foot. It took me a whole day of work in total.
  11. whitmansspider answered: I’ve maintained my recently unfucked bathroom and started unfucking my kitchen.
  12. vorsoisson said: Three loads of laundry that used to live on my floor, now put away. Also paid an overdue electric bill and set up automatic billing.
  13. angelmari87 answered: My entire apartment!
  14. queena-alf answered: EVERYTHING. my room, the closet under the stairs, the kitchen, my car (kind of), the bathroom.
  15. msfizicks answered: Set-up one of my new bookcases, picked up all the book piles of the floor and put them on the bookcase.
  16. underhersky answered: My glasses: I can’t afford new ones, so 4” of 1/4” pvc tubing is holding the earpiece on. I can see again!
  17. mmpsmp0205 answered: We just moved, there are pockets of fuckery (namely the guest room), but my studio is amazing!
  18. thegnomedruid answered: Took a load to Goodwill. Cleaned living room. Organized bathroom. Straightened kitchen. Hung pictures. Enjoyed the clean.
  19. justfatnotstupid answered: My kitchen! My first ufyh attempt. I have also been participating in no dish left behind. Weird and wonderful!
  20. libraryalex answered: I’ve stayed on top of my dishes!
  21. some-things-stay-sweet-forever answered: My kitchen, just now!
  22. phoebeophelia answered: 2 laundry loads ever day, toilet, bathtub, bathroom floor/mats, vacuum/maintenance, kept sink clean, top of fridge…it’s been a great week!
  23. thejillsequence answered: My kitchen! It looks so awesome. :)
  24. scooter1780 answered: My toddler’s room…by unpacking more boxes and putting things away and cleaning.
  25. thecuntosaurus answered: My kitchen counters! I threw away trash, sorted the mail, then bought a mail receptacle with a whiteboard attached!
  26. veganbentomeals answered: My Reading list! I bought an e-reader and am using it despite the fact that it’s an outdated 10yr old thing. PDF/.MOBI RULES!
  27. cinderellas-eyes said: I unfucked my chinchillas room :)
  28. logic-and-art answered: my closet! :D
  29. shades-of-toska answered: Half of the 4 week old dish pile. After this break, boiling more water to dunk those moldy things in.
  30. luthvian answered: Myself. I finally had spare spoons today to spend 15 minutes having my first shower in two weeks. Hurray depression!
  31. ladyalleta answered: My schedule. $2 planner at the dollar store and now all appointments are written down in one place. I did 20/10s when going through the mail.
  32. doubledigitalis answered: my room. I got spun and rejected pretty bad, and needed a cleaner hiding place.
  33. angermonkey answered: My pantry. Seriously, it was so gross. Cans of chicken broth can go bad, you guys.
  34. tweedisgood answered: Younger son’s bedroom. No, you don’t need 5,000 back copies of Practical Classics, dear. You can’t drive.
  35. hellotheremaryrose answered: Pet houses!
  36. ask-an-aspergirl answered: Put together the sweeper and got all the Nerds candies off the floor at work. #working with children
  37. treepyful answered: The bathroom clutter, the dining table and my recipe box!