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So this is my craft/hobbies room.

I just

Where the hell do I even start

Gather up everything that’s garbage and throw it out or recycle it.

Clear off the folding table. Take a break.

Sort through and deal with one laundry basket/box at a time. Breaks after each one.

Clear off the dresser. Use the drawers in a way that makes sense. Break.

Clear off your computer desk. Break.

Work on the floor by pile or one square foot at a time. Breaks every 20 minutes.

Do you have any suggestions for storage options for craft rooms? I need something cheap and organized for all my supplies.

There’s always the tried-and-true plastic drawer units, but you can also check Craigslist or Freecycle for dressers or chests of drawers, or if you have a closet in the room, hanging storage (the kind with fabric shelves and/or drawers) work well plus get things behind a closed door.

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    I use a lot of things from dollar tree. Plastic shoe boxes? I recently organized all my different markers, colored...
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    I like the inexpensive cube storage you can buy at Target (among other places). They have fabric drawers, and they also...
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    Also, if that’s too much work, then you could get a cheap book case and some fabric bins or plastic shoe boxes. Stack...
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    These are actually great ideas. Thanks guys! I have off work tomorrow so hopefully I can do a significant amount of work...
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    Dunno if it’s been said, but those shoe pouch things that hang over doors? GREAT for storing things that need to stay...