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So this is what I’ve been doing instead of Simming.

Trashy McTrashariffic is on vacation out of state & I am working on making his office…not a trash pit anymore.  He got stuck in the fugly yellow room when I bought the place because of reasons & I know he doesn’t take care of it mostly because he thinks it’s horrible.  I want to bring his office up to the cleanliness standards of the rest of the house & give him a good space that he can be proud of so that he’ll keep it clean.

So my goals for the week are to 1) move everything out of the room (done), 2) put trash in the trash bin where it belongs (done, mostly, I still have a box to sort through), 3) paint it some color that’s not piss-yellow (PRIMED so I’m halfway there!  The primer-white is an improvement but it won’t be white when I’m done), 4) put things back in such a way that he will have an office to be proud of (the closet, at least, is already better.)

I started off painting when I got enough room cleared out to do so because there was just SO MUCH stuff I couldn’t deal with it all in one shot.  So the window-wall & the closet-wall got primed well before the office was totally cleared.  This has been one 8-hour day & one 12-hour day so far.  I had to get most of it done these two days because I’ll have about 2-3 hours/day, after the sun goes down, for the entire rest of the week to get this done.  I will also have one new furniture item to assemble & one to repair, as well as one large furniture item to relocate into his office very shortly after he gets back from vacation.

I have to move fast, but it’s already about a MILLION times better than it was!

TL;DR: I cleaned out the trashy office & started prepping to paint it.  Go me.

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