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So it’s been a while but I’ve been unfucking my life and it’s all thanks to un fuck your habitat and the patience of my fiancée, and dog lol. Clean linen, organized organized organized and even dusted in places no one but my fiancées allergies will know about


Let the great unfucking begin.

I moved into my new place nearly 9 months ago, and have never really finished unpacking (in the numerous moves prior to this one), and never really got set up.  So much of my unfucking is putting things in places they’re meant to be roughly.  Otherwise I’d be bogged down for a millenia.  Add to that I have recently been diagnosed with CFS, so I have to do things in a manageable fashion.  I’m concentrating on surfaces and then letting the rest follow at the moment.  Then I’ll deal with cupboards and drawers.  I figure those can wait, since nobody can actually see them, so they only bother me.  

This was an afternoon of Supernatural, and 10 minutes of work with a 10 minute break.  Sometimes more or less depending on what my body needed.  This is half the loungeroom.  The other half is shelves, shelves and more shelves.

There’s still a few things that aren’t where they need to be, but… until I get the rest of the house sorted, they have to stay where they are.  Otherwise I’ll just have a leaning tower of stuff in the house.

On top of this I have a list of things to unfuck that aren’t so much cleaning as fixing, updating and selling stuff.  Sigh.


My habitat, unfucked! I recently sat my final exams… for a little while there was a lot of procrastination cleaning, but then shit got real and everything just got tossed on the floor. Now they’re over (I passed! *fist pump*) I decided today was the day sort my life out again. I’ve still got some work to do in the kitchen and bathroom tomorrow, but I’m pretty pleased with this!


unfuckyourhabitat inspired me to do so. So did procrastination on a 10-page paper, a 2-page paper, and a Shakespeare adaptation. 

But hey my room’s clean!


Desk=Unfucked. I got rid of a lot of things I didn’t need to have on my desk, like those file folders, maple syrup, and clutter. Now I can enjoy plants, cats, and the essentials.

Probably took about 45 minutes because I was going slowly and trying not to return things to the desk after.

Advice for desk cleaning? Take everything off your desk, put it on your bed, and then tidy the desk up to how you want it.


Because having a shitty night (Thank you, thunderstorm) and a really hectic workday (Thank you, Meeting of Doom) is absolutely no excuse to not do anything, I tackled the kitchen.


After 90 minutes of torturing the whole house with silly music, it looks like this:


Still not as clean as I want it to be, but at least I don’t have to be afraid anymore that it grows sentient and greets me in the morning. I also coralled the Firefighter into helping, as he decided to stand in my way and tell me about his day, so doing fine on the captain front too.


I figured as long as i got one room done today i’d consider it a success.


Felt like being super lazy today.

And it felt good until about three o’clock. And then I started feeling panicky. Like, what the fuck have I done with my day?

Made a quick grocery store run for my husband and decided to pick me up some flowers.

Got home and realized what a clusterfuck my night stand was and my little notebook shelf had been collecting all sorts of tiny junk.

1 20/10 and I fixed it right up. Put my flowers in a spaghetti jar and honey jar and spruced up my sleeping/work space just a bit.




Thank goodness for Unfuck Your Habitat. Somehow, with the help of that blog, I turned the impossible into “LOOK EVERYONE I HAVE A FLOOR”. I could not possibly be more proud or pleased with myself/this result.

(my closet door is broken do forgive me)


I was convinced that the Laundry Pile of Doom was going to be a pain to put away. Then I discovered that I’d already sorted and folded most of it. I’m not even going to attempt to work out why I didn’t take it into my room and put it in the wardrobe but never mind! I think I need “and put it away goddammit!” tattooed across the back of my hand…


I SOOO unfucked my bedroom today!!!


Alright, y’all, absolutely embarrassing photos under the cut.

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Look at all I got done today!!!
Unfucking my habitat, 1 space at a time.


I know it isn’t much but my depressions gotten bad and I’ve learned to celebrate the little things


Cleaned yesterday. Habitat, significantly unfucked. More work to do, but it’s so much better now!

Housemate hiding in that last pic…