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not the same angle but I assure you, the floor is now clean too.

I am very proud of how much i managed to do in this short amount of time, considering my issues with doing chores, like, at ALL. 


Unfucking my habitat! I’m getting a jump on what is to come in October. We are going on a vacation and while we are gone, our bedroom and living room will be getting new flooring and paint. I’ve started having major anxiety about trying to move all of my STUFF out of these two rooms.

So, last night, I decided to do something about it. I unfucked this corner of my bedroom which was home to a pile of shoes, my duvet, miscellaneous clothes that had fallen off of hangers and even a lovely giant shard of glass (I managed to see it BEFORE slicing my hand open, thank goodness).

After all was said and done I pulled out a bag of trash, a bag of clothes to donate and a bag of shoes that was half trash half donation. In addition to that I did ALL of my laundry and put it away. Making sure that everything has a space. I still have a few dresses that I need to find hanging space for, but this is MAJOR progress.


Before & after


I’ve lived here for three years now, and I don’t think I’ve ever cleaned my fridge. It combines my dislike of handing gross food, my hatred of doing dishes, and my anxiety about throwing food away into one “stuff it into the back and ignore it” problem.

But I noticed that like half of my condiments were expired, and I was missing a bunch of tupperware. It was time.

Featuring befores, the resultant pile of dishes (which I cleaned all of!), after, and a bonus after where it’s full of new groceries.


Before & after- paperwork organisation.


Alright. To start of with Unfuck Your Habitat I decided to do my part of the bedroom/my little office. This took me probably three 40/20’s. It was insane but now I have the place I start my morning totally clean and manageable. 


It’s not much but its clean


Finally finished unfucking the dining room table after five or so 20/10 sessions.

As will happen, unfucking this meant fucking something else—two baskets full of papers. But things that could be tossed are, and I was able to come up with a rough sorting system to which my husband and I can both agree.


Child’s room in progress.

Working with her is painful in getting her to focus and sort. On the other hand, she is better able to move along old toys than I thought.

It would be easier to do this myself, but I do her no favors in not giving her at least a few cleaning skills.


One of several things I’ve accomplished these past few days. My room is always the most neglected space in the house, but I feel SO MUCH BETTER when it’s clean. You really can’t even see most of the mess in the before picture, ugh (and *sigh of relief*).


My husband, daughter, & I recently moved.  In the span of a week, we got our move date, purged and packed our former home and moved into the new one.  It was overwhelming and chaotic and I threw/gave away about 1/3 of our belongings (we’re both pack rats in our own rights).  The day we moved our stuff in, I took pictures before starting to unpack. I took  pictures again a week later, to show our (MY) progress & hard work!  Here is the result….

Kitchen & Dining room:


Living Room (from the foyer):


Living Room:


Master Bedroom:


Peanut’s Bedroom:

(She now has a bed along the wall with the window, and her play kitchen that her Papa made for her birthday is on the opposite wall, but not shown in these pictures because they weren’t here a week after we moved.  Clearly.)

Linen/Storage/Everything closet:


It’s been another week or so since the 1 wk pictures were taken, & there’s still a bit of un-f**king to do (namely the storage closet and our bedroom) and I have to find homes and organize a few areas yet. However, I’m quite pleased with our new home and the fact that I’ve been pretty good at keeping the clutter/mess at bay - despite having a rambunctious two year old to chase after all day! :)


before and after, jammin to Book of Mormon soundtrack


Did an epic cleaning of my room. Vacuumed, dusted, ditched, painted, folded, washed, organized, and danced. BOO YAA! The quote on my wall says “One cannot spend forever sitting and solving the mysteries of ones history”


Bedroom Blitz! #unfuckyourhabitat


Unfucked my craft/storage closet. Still a lot of stuff in there, but most supplies were consolidated into clear bins or marked shoeboxes so I know where to find my stuff. There was a whole huge box of just random stuff that I hadn’t even looked at since I moved last year because I couldn’t even get to it under the other stuff.

6 rounds of 20/10 over a weeks time = crafting stuff I can actually use!