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Landlady called while my phone was missing and I was worried she was going to threaten to evict me over the hoard.

She was actually being pretty generous in warning me of an upcoming city inspection (just to check maintenance of the property, broken boards and leaky faucets and shit) and to offer me a locked storage space in the yard in which I could dump stuff so they could have access to the entire apartment.

The above pictures are a couple months old (you can see two cages for the rats- this is when I first got Baby Rat and her sisters and hadn’t integrated the colonies yet) showing the type of emergency cleaning I’ve managed in the past - on this occasion I think they were coming to change the filters - but I’ve got to do better this time.

…dude, Box Mountain is still in that last image!  I’m happy to say that Box Mountain is, at this point, 80% gone.


Before and After

I am almost too ashamed of the “before” to post this. But I’m hella proud. I was taking pictures Christmas Eve, and, okay, my room has always been a mess. As a toddler, I’d trash it, Mom and family would clean it. I never really learned how to clean, if that makes sense. “cleaning” was synonymous with “fill trash bags as full as possible”. I have problems with hoarding, and a few times my grandmothers would stop by and just clean my room while I was gone at school, which didn’t help. At all. 

Anyway, Christmas Eve, I see these pics, and realize “Yeah, I got a problem here now.” Still, didn’t know how to fix it. Then my therapist suggested UFYH. 

This was a long, steady project. I wouldn’t do less than 20 minutes, but I also wasn’t allowed to do more than 3 20/10’s a day. There’s still room for improvement, but this has been a blessing to me. On really bad days, physically, my 20 minutes was a game of “what all can I pick up with a grabby stick from my bed?” (Turns out, you CAN pick up a ping-pong ball with a grabby stick if you try hard enough! XD)

So yeah. Hella proud of how this looks now, and disregard the mess of the rat cage, it’s still being set-up. ^_^


My friends gave me a desk and book shelf and my room is so much nicer now yay!

I need to do laundry and make my damn bed and hang up the clothes that haven’t been hung up from the last time I did laundry. And hang this nice picture I got recently. I guess.


Today I unfucked my fabric stash. That’s one box of quilting cotton, one basket other fabric, one box jean, and a bag of interfacing and batting. Took all day. I didn’t take a before picture, but imagine none of it folded and half of it on the floor.


My kitchen is less gross! It is still cluttered on that weird shelf, but I will deal with that another time. I took four 20/10s but I also picked up the living room and vacuumed as well.


My first UFYH post!

Our bedroom has been a disaster, the pics don’t do it justice. I think it’s been keeping me from good restful sleep.

This took about 4 20/10’s and a shopping trip for a new comforter, storage bins and a shoe rack (not pictured). Generated about 2 bags of trash to help with the clutter.

Unfucked for my birthday weekend!

Happy birthday!


Unfucking my room. Part of moving from a very large home into a 10x11 room involves either throwing most of your shit away, or just piling it up like I did. And it was like this for a long time. It took about 9 hours (only took 2 breaks because I knew I’d slack off) to dismantle the old furniture, put together the new shelves, and sort through every single piece of paper, clothing, every book, and every box I own. This side of my room already looks completely different, while the other side is just full of piles of clothes and blankets that need to be washed, folded, and put away… a task that I will tackle this weekend. And yes, I always have a LOT of water - and whiskey - by my bedside. No, I don’t have a problem.


Small un-fucking of the jewelry. It doesn’t necessarily look better, but it is a dramatic improvement over the jumble of necklaces that caused endless cursing every morning. 

And now I can more easily see gaps in my accessories that need filling—notably earrings. (Curse you nickel allergy, I used to have so many pretties.)


Decided to unfuck my desk and shelves! Here you can see the before and after pictures. This took WAY too many 20/10s (for those of you not following Unfuck Your Habitat, 20 minutes of cleaning followed by a ten minute break) but the result is a cleaner, more organised workspace that is totally worth it. Plus I’m all set up for digital art now, rather than using my lightbox (I’ll switch back around in a day or too but fortunately I should be able to do that fairly easily.)


One of the things I love about my house is the laundry room with a window overlooking my backyard. But after years of neglect, not so much.

I actually tackled this on days 1 and 2 of my staycation this week. It took a day-and-a-half of 45-15s, including decisions over what to toss and how to shift things around to get the crap off the floor and the recycle bins off the washer/dryer.





(I rewarded myself afterward with a hanging plant)









(Hey, it beats “Bless This Cat Poop”)










Below: Bought some stackable wire shelving to minimize the wasted space on the left side of the overhead cabinet, which allowed me to get the bags of cat litter off the floor and bring the dog/cat food in from the garage..



Repotting day for the ficus, aloe, and avocados! When the biggest plant gets a new pot, a smaller one takes that pot, and so on. I like to imagine them like hermit crabs just waiting for an empty shell.


Tackle it Thursday.

Still have a load of laundry to fold and put away.
I cleaned and organized just about everything in my room.
And it only took me about an hour!


Before and afters of my apartment kitchen! (There are dishes you t see in the first picture. That’s how much it piled up.) My roommates and I are terrible about doing the dishes promptly, since we all have the habit of eating right before we run to class our work. So today, I had some free time and I took care of business! I actually like doing dishes. I put on some upbeat music and just go at it. When you’re doing mental things all day- writing papers, taking notes, doing data entry- having physical work can be a nice change of pace. It’s satisfying to take dirty things and make them clean! Kitchen status: unfucked :)


Here are some progress photos of my work cleaning. It took three 20/10s to get this far. New roommates so we have had to shuffle a lot of or possessions around.

Laundry done, and that chest of drawers was empty, and now it is storing all of my art supplies. 


Posting from my phone so sorry for the huge picture post! I decided to actually spend time cleaning today instead of tumblr for like 6 hours. XD I did 3 20/10s and one 30 to finish up lol. My real problem is maintaining so we’ll see how it looks in a few days…