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Bought the UFYH app today for my brand new Christmas present iPad (thanks boyfriend)! Still trying to get the feel for it, so I set a task for my to-do list: cleaning off my hallway shelf that has been a mess since Thanksgiving. It’s the place where I keep all my beauty/hair products, as well as jewelry and accessories. 

A before shot was taken, and I hit the go button for unfucking. I had to round up all the crap that had spread to the two bathrooms plus my bedroom. First I shoved all my nail crap into its overly full tupperware home that is on the left-hand side of the shelf (stacked on top of another box). Then I sorted all the jewelry and got that out of the way. Once I had taken care of that business, I pulled out the thingamajig that holds all my hair crap (far right of picture). I decided it was stupid to have all the tall products on the forefront because I don’t use them that often and they get in the way when I need an elastic. So I switched everything around and sorted out the respective barrette and elastic/headband cubbies. I still have too much of everything but I’m not willing to give up my dream of someday having styleable hair. :/  After all of that was done, I had room to put my makeup case back onto the shelf. I tidied up my sunglasses and BOOM! After shot.

Not sure how long it took me since I didn’t set a time for the task, and whatever default time the alarm was set to didn’t go off, but I’d say it was ~10 min. Hit the “unfucked” button and felt fabulous. 


After living off of mostly leftovers and takeout in the weeks following Thanksgiving, my food space needed a major unfucking. Everything was taken out of the dry goods cabinet, freezer, and fridge and the spaces were wiped clean with a vinegar solution. Expired stuff was tossed. Good stuff was wiped down and put away in an organized fashion. 

I cleaned the fridge on and (mostly) off for a few hours this afternoon. The boyfriend made a much needed grocery shopping trip during that time, which is why the fridge actually contains some fresh produce in the “after” photo. :)