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My entire house has been a moderate level of CLEAN for over 2 weeks. Dishes have only sat in the sink for a day, two days tops; my floordrobe is nonexistent; the living room isn’t unorganized and covered in blankets or beer cans. I blame Unfuck Your Habitat, B-12 vitamins, being a Sober Sally all month, and a healthy amount of coffee.

I wish there were before and after pictures, at least of the kitchen because it was the pure definition of grotesque before I systematically dismantled that mess.

I don’t feel like I’m cleaning all the time, I’m going to sleep at a reasonable hour, and my kitchen doesn’t smell like consistent funk. Is this what being an adult really feels like? I don’t think this is actually real life.


The result of a single 20/10. Feels awesome.

(Don’t worry, I didn’t get rid of the cat. She just got pissed and hid when I got rid of the bed she’d made out of a pile of clothes.)


I have been sick for a week and my house has gone to shit so I was determined to unfuck at least one thing today. I started with my dresser because it’s what I stare at from the sickbed all day. Here’s hoping this will motivate me to do even more later.

This only took 1 20/10. :)






So I am Unfucking my room, and I’m (for once) being real about getting rid of stuff. My closet is impressive; I have a shocking number of hangers, made $5.28, and donated a crapload of stuff to Goodwill.

The problem comes with all the stuff. So. Much. GUILT!!!! I hate knowing that money was spent on me (or by me, let’s be real) and it’s just going to WASTE. I am still donating a ton more to Goodwill, since I have been informed that they take pretty much anything, but eesh. It hurts. Bad.

The worst part is? I don’t even like most of the crap I am getting rid of! I have zero use for it, never have, and I don’t have space for it!

Oy vey…the guilt. The guilt.

I am just trying to remember what PoM said…the money is already spent. Bite the bullet and get rid of it.

Deep breath.

You can do this. Like I say, the money’s already spent. Hanging onto the stuff is not going to get the money back. The items are not doing you any good, so it’s time for them to go.

(via hgielatan-deactivated20140330)


Finally decided to tackle my wardrobe today. Didn’t get to do quite as thorough a job as I had intended, it ended up being more reorganising than culling but I did manage to get one bag filled to donate and I can now open and close all the drawers. Only took 4 20/10’s


The dining/laundry area before:image 

And after:


The sink/counter area before:


And after:


Aaaand the fridge before:


And after:


I also reorganized my cabinet and silverware drawer! This semester was ROUGH and my kitchen was the GROSSEST but now it’s so nice and I might actually cook something in it tonight!


Step One in unfucking during my (18-day!) vacation is the kitchen. For one thing, I want to make cookies, and I can’t bake in a dirty kitchen. For another thing, ewwww, what a pit! Did this mostly in very short bursts, as pain and energy levels allowed.

All that stuff on the after photo of the island that isn’t fruit in bowls is stuff to make my fabulous oatmeal-pecan cookies. After cookies, I want the kitchen to end up even cleaner than it is now. Wish me luck.


The well started spitting up silt - it seems a tree got thirsty and put some roots into it.

We have unf*cked the well.

The casing (the bit around that clean white PVC pipe) was rotted into pieces. We dug a pit about 5 feet/almost 2 meters deep to get down to good casing so the well guy could fix it.

This involved digging a huge trench in hard clay, removing a small building (not pictured) with the help of a tractor, moving an aerial power line so we could get rid of the building, sinking an enormous pit in the same hard clay, and tunneling beneath an old cement foundation to connect the trench and the pit.

This was a week’s worth of 60/15 segments and UFYH-inspired methods. We had a single person running to the hardware store to get the parts the well guy and electrician needed, to save time, and everyone took breaks as needed.

The well now gives clean, fresh water - and plenty of it. UFYH for the win!


My steam mop arrived! And just in time! (Related: I hereby give THE FINGER to fluctuating prices! It’s being offered now for noticeably less than I paid for it two weeks ago. #ANNOYED.)

Tonight, after an evening assisting my MIL in pan-frying latkes in vegetable oil, I gave the steam mop its inaugural run. Success! All the little drips of oil that were making the floor gross and slick are gone baby gone. It was wickedly simple to use and the results were exceptional. Even though I’m pretty sure I overpaid (#ANNOYED), it was worth it. I will use the shit out of this item. 

HOWEVER. I used the included steam mop “cleaning solution,” which left the room with a weird chemical clean/baby powder smell. It was unpleasant. I should have gone with my gut and just used vinegar, because… 


Let this be a lesson, UnFuckers! Vinegar forever!

Just be careful with steam mops, because many of them are designed to be used with water and only water (no additives), and using a cleaner, even vinegar, can fuck them up. If you can, distilled water is even better because it helps avoid mineral deposits and such.


I’m pretty stuck lately in terms of motivation. Can’t seem to get anything done. Don’t want to leave my house. Just want to fuck around on the internet. Caught myself thinking yesterday that I was adding meat to my scrambled eggs “to fool myself into feeling like food is appealing,” which seems like a pretty good sign that I’m in a down spell. My anxiety has been pretty high for the last couple days as well.

I need to get shit done.

I have a to-do list.

If I were to post it, would anyone be willing to maybe “click” me when I check off an item (any reinforcement ranging from “yay!” to idk a cute pic or gif or something)?

If that’s too much to ask (it seems a little silly now I look at it and I’m kind of embarrassed), just some beginning of the day encouragement would not go amiss.



Accountability buddy needed in Aisle 1! Drop matchbook-stories an ask if you can help out!


Wow, today was interesting. I came home to my mom’s house because the term is over and it had been a while since i was last home. I decided to tackle the laundry room, since it was pretty disgusting and I can guarantee that it was not a healthy environment for anyone: especially the cats who eat in there. I couldn’t bring myself to do a load of laundry last time I was home, so I just know it was time to make a move.

BOY was I surprised with what I found. 

  • 14 expired 2-liters of soda
  • tons of near-empty laundry/cleaning supply containers
  • 20+ boxes of lightbulbs on top of the shelf, and hardly any in the “light bulb box”
  • and the creme de la creme: under the washer and dryer was a build-up of dust and lint and just…. shit that had been collecting for what I discovered to be at least 21 years. my mom said she can’t remember if she’d ever cleaned under there, and I’ve never seen her do it either. 
So what I did was:
  • get rid of all the bottles of soda: dumped down the drain, but the containers were saved for recycling
  • combined laundry detergent containers and got rid of a few extra bottles and organized all the ones left over. I wish I could have pared down them some more, but I was worried about mixing chemicals.
  • condensed the lightbulb collection, organized it, and put it in the box. also I organized all the shelving and cleaned it up. 
  • attacked the shit out of the lint build up. hot water with soap, rubber gloves, and a spatula to scrape it off the ground. I found at least a dollar in loose change, like 6 pens, a tube of chapstick, and other random stuff among the debris. 

I think I was pretty successful, since I wasn’t even planning on tackling this today when I got home..


I blame you.  

I found your blog three months ago.  I bought the app.  I’ve been a happy lurker.  

But now, I feel the need to join; contribute to the unfucking community and give back (aka, actually clean my unbelievably fucked apartment and submit posts about it).  So I just joined Tumblr.  TUMBLR!  As if I need another black hole of time suckage and creative procrastination at my fingertips! 

Thank you so much for getting me started on this new addiction.  UFYH, you are officially a gateway blog.  Have you no shame?


And Lo, the fucked was unfuckened

So here’s the deal. My brain broke about a month and a half ago, and I popped into my first-ever manic phase (now that’s a fun surprise), with no idea what the hell was wrong with my brain or why it stopped working. My apartment went all to shit. I cycled through a variety of meds all month-ones that made it so I couldn’t stop moving, ones that made me a zombie.  All the time off my adhd meds, unleashing my normal shit show unchecked (all this while I’m trying to get through my first semester of a PhD!). I can’t focus on anything. I can, however, focus on one thing at a time. Do a dish and then walk away. Pick up a book and walk away. Very slowly, very not-steadily. 

Those top pictures? Early november. It doesn’t happen in a day, but it happens. Slowly but surely and one thing at a time. 

Tonight, when I made myself my food for tomorrow morning, I spilled oats all over. But I swept them up! And wiped down the counters! And washed my utensils! And even swept up the whole kitchen after! Seriously who the fuck am I? I know who I am: I AM THE UNFUCKENATOR. Today I am, anyway. Tomorrow probably not. But the day after if I fuck up I can try again. 


ARE YOU HAPPY NOW?! Do I get a gif?

(first time in the over 5 years we’ve been married, thanks to your daily nagging)


Man, the life-changing things one can learn from UfYH. 

Like this, for instance. I saw this post go up a little while ago and I was impressed. So, today, while unfucking my kitchen, I decided to see if my electric range does the same. 


Let this day go down in unfucking history. This is as important as the microwave trick, y’all. MY LIFE WILL NEVER BE THE SAME.

Oh yeah. The above pic is the Before. Not terrible, but…. here’s the AFTER: